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We have called upon industry leaders across all sectors to come together and discuss and share their ideas, thoughts and expertise on the hot topics that are set to change the ‘world of work as we know it.

For those of you working in the Recruitment Sector either acting as agencies, internal recruiters or HR professionals the next 15-20 years promise to be the most dynamic volatile and revolutionary in the history of our sector.

Take a look at our videos and read through our blogs, all crafted and created by the Industry leaders themselves.


We have the go to insights for those that have a vested interest or passion for the
Future of Work, particularly areas including:



Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous Vehicles

Why have we created the video series?

The world of work and the future of talent recruitment are changing.

Whilst I am very positive about the future of work and the future of talent recruitment the rate of change is accelerating leaving many employees concerned, confused and fearful about what the future holds for them their jobs, their security and the society in which we live.

I am optimistic about the future because the technological advancements being featured also possess the potential to help us solve many of the major issues facing mankind in the twenty-first century such as cheap sustainable energy, global skill shortages, an aging population, food and water security, inequality, lack of economic and employment opportunity and climate change.

It is my opinions that we must address these fears and make sure we harness these advancements to ensure that the whole of society globally benefits.

With this in mind we are reaching out to Global Thought Leaders to engage them in a discussion about the future of work and the future of talent recruitment. We’d like to know how they see it in their part of the industry and globe. We wish to understand how they see technology impacting and growing. As the world of work is transformed both in terms of technology and leadership styles we are interested in their views on how you engage work forces to work for you, plus how you motivate and retain talent.

At Global Recruitment Thought Leaders we believe discussion and debate is healthy so please join in our conversation about the most appropriate way forward.

Ian Knowlson
Global Influencer
Future of Work and the Future of Talent Recruitment

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